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Greetings from RT Films Team!

Monday , 1 June 2015
Greetings from RT Films Team!

Brand A “Manimal”

Director Martin Aamund has partnered with Bates Chi & Partners, Jakarta, RT Films and A Mild to create a modern day apparition challenging viewers to take a deeper look at the world around them.
Entitled ‘Manimal’, the piece takes us on a stylized journey through a modern daily life city. Featuring a cast of engrossing, charismatic characters, Martin employs a careful directorial style to reveal a world of animal-like instincts, a world in which our business adversaries surround us like lions, where the club-goers latest fashions call out like the feathers of a bird, and where teenagers roam the streets like herds of zebra.
Driven by a powerful soundtrack and strong visuals, Martin’s piece lulls viewers into a hypnotic world of movement and instinct before finally climaxing with a poignant moment of kindness that reminds the viewer what it means to be human.

 Koko Drink “Kel-Apa” and “Lepek”

Teaming up with Lowe Indonesia, Director Nicky pulled out some “tricks in his bag” for a tongue-in-cheek spots for Koko Drink featuring the fun and cheeky Danang & Darto.

Koko Drink, popular amongst youngsters boosts on coconut jelly to not only quench your thirst but also lift your spirit up!
When the day is long and hot, all you need is Koko Drink to seize the day!



IM3 “Internet is your friend”
Imagine a friend who is always there for you, who will always be a source of inspiration, who will always keep you in the know and who will do all this and ask nothing in return….
Ogilvy teamed up with Director Nicky showcasing a powerful message about Internet becoming a part of our lives, as a friend.
Internet.Org an Internet service without credit offers vast opportunities to connect to the world. Featuring Facebook, and to name a few, Internet.Org allows us to discover a new world of possibilities.