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RT Production E-spot 2014

Monday , 19 January 2015
 RT Production E-spot 2014

Happy New Year everyone!
Has anyone caught up with the latest news of RT Films yet…? Starting 1 January 2015, the partners have mutually agreed to end our collaboration in a good note! RT Films would be managed by Wendy Lona.Lucy Dewanto has been a valuable asset to RT Films and surely we wish her and team all the best with her new company.
2014 has been a good year for us. We have worked on some really good creative projects and we are pleased to share some highlights of our work with you!
Icha Lawendatu teamed up with JWT Jakarta to deliver a funny spot for IM3 Play online. The story is about a guy who is doing everything he can to win the heart of his dream girl. Unfortunately the girl is so oblivious to his intention as she thinks of him only as a brother.  

Eric Will had a blast directing this action-packed spot alongside Bateschi team with Joe Taslim as the ambassador of Krating Daeng. It tells the story about how Joe Taslim manages his daily routine that might seem mundane as the voice over carries on yet he actually does extraordinary activities fully of energy in the visual.