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RT Production E-spot October 2011

Tuesday , 28 October 2014
RT Production E-spot October 2011

If any of you noticed -hope you did not- we actually skipped 2010 e-spot... there is no excuse other than we were too busy... *not!

Oh well, we hope to find our way back into your list of important emails to read!

Marcel De Silva is a true charmer..not only he charmed his way to work on spots for Charm Day…and Charm Night but also got a soft spot for cute babies with Mamipoko!  

Lukitasari devoured her moments being a “master chef” in cute spots of Bimoli Special...

Vita Ismuhadi delivered Freiss with honey syrup for ibu-ibu arisan to refresh their mind (read: avoid gossiping)

Joko Anwar could not decide which one is his favorites; finding a unique moment with Sariwangi or singing and dancing while doing your laundry with Viso, not to mention winning a competition in a high school reunion with Voltaren. We enjoyed all 3!

Jon Gwyther stepped in and brought out fun and edgy looking spot for Nokia.The spaceship party theme definitely lit up the night!

Abimael Gandy hit the gas full speed with Ever E, Good Day Coffee, Biskuat Bolu, CDR and Kumon...!

Kenny Benedict boosted up some energy for kids with Milkuat.

Eka Nugraha offered the freshness of Mountea for the youngsters to live up their imaginations... from becoming famous rock stars to hooking up with hot chicks!

Robin Moran has finished his latest TVCs, Andalan as well as Telkomsel CBS and he’s looking forward to calling action and cut!” soon!

Iclaudius took London by foot! that is, shooting football star Cesc Fabregras for Biskuat TVCS. The three spots focus on the energy Biskuat give for the whole day, not to mention the chance to meet Cesc Fabregras in person for the lucky ones!

Anton Ismail presented an invitation for shopping spree with Julia Estelle in a Sunsilk spot.

We’d like to welcome Nicholas Nicky to join our list of director. Not a stranger to the music industry, Nicholas has directed music videos the past few years and the soft-spoken with a keen eye for storytelling, emotional bonding moment as well as good attention on details is ready to bring the fresh and different look for TV commercials.